Workshops, Classes and Events at Weaving Southwest

We have a wonderful array of classes coming up this summer! Because of the great successes of the classes we taught this past year and because we had so much fun teaching them, we will again be offering Interweave: A Study in Angles, Habitat: A Study in Verticals and Neptune: A Study in Building. Teresa Loveless will be the instructor for those three classes, however, she will not be teaching as much this year, because we have some other really exciting events planned!

We are also expanding our class selection and bringing in a new instructor, Brook Hemenway. You may have met her if you have been in the shop or given us a call over the last few months, as she is also our wonderful employee! Brook has been weaving for many years and also has a passion for teaching. She will be conducting a class entitled The Little Striped Rug and, just as it sounds, she will be guiding you through the process of weaving your very own beautiful weft-faced stripped rug. There is such a natural beauty in simple stripped pieces! She will also be teaching a class called Stream of Consciousness. During this class you will be introduced to tapestry weaving in the nicest way possible... with no plans, no pattern, no design... you just choose a color and start weaving, add some more colors and see what comes of your three days at the loom. As a special treat, Kim Hamill will be teaching a 3-day, Andean-style Back-strap Weaving Class. This is a wonderful way to explore the possibilities of a simple loom, one that you can roll up, slip in your bag and take just about anywhere! Kim has taught in conjunction with Weaving Southwest for many years now. She specializes in weaving on more primitive looms. Her knowledge and kindness make her an incredible instructor!

All of our classes are great for beginners, experienced weavers new to Southwestern Tapestry, weavers wanting a refresher course on certain techniques and even intermediate to advanced weavers wanting to hone in on a certain skill set or who just want to come to our studio to spend three days weaving a our Rio Grande Walking Looms.

One of the exciting things happening this summer is my first chance to travel as a teacher! Joe and I will be heading up to Madeline Island, WI to teach a 5-day Southwestern Tapestry Weaving workshop. If you happen to be in the area and or have always wanted to visit the beautiful island, this could be your chance to take a class with me, outside of our beautiful little town of Arroyo Seco. You can click here for details.

You can follow any of the links above or click here to view complete class descriptions.You can call us, 575-758-0433, or email,, with any questions or to register for class.