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3 days, all materials included
Instructor: Teresa Loveless

Double-faced, double-width and tubular weaving will be the topics of this course. Like the Structure class, this class is meant to be an exploration of simple treadling techniques, coupled with beautiful yarns, to create amazing textiles. We will use various weights, textures and colors of yarn to create a variety of samples. The techniques learned in this class will give you the ability to weave double-faced blankets, tapestries, saddle blankets, rugs, tubular pillows, purses, bedrolls, 40" wide pieces on a 20" wide loom... and so on. Double-faced, double-width and tubular weaving can be mystifying when read in a book, but once put into practice and with a little guidance it can really open up a whole new world of weaving possibilities. By the end of class you will have a solid understanding of how this all works and the ability to weave, well, some really amazing textiles. The possibilities of the techniques are only limited by one's imagination. This class is meant for people who have never really explored this style of weaving before.