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Habitat, A Study in Verticals

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3 days, all materials included
Instructor: Teresa Loveless

Whether you are interested in weaving traditional Navajo-style designs, contemporary, abstract or even pictorial pieces this class is sure to meet your fancy! During your three days with us you will learn everything you need to know about squares and vertical lines.

Upon arrival to our studio in Arroyo Seco, NM, you will be assigned your very own Rio Grande Walking Loom! After introductions and a brief history of Weaving Southwest, we will discuss color and design and prep our yarn. Before we start weaving we will sketch out our design, creating as many variations on squares as we can. We will start out with a little bit of plain weave, and then jump right into the complex world of vertical joints!

During our time together we will go over both traditional and contemporary aesthetics to join or create vertical lines. We will do this by creating squares within squares, within squares. Some of the techniques we will cover include Dovetailing, Interlocking and the Slit Technique. You will even learn how to create the illusion of an angle, while only using vertical lines!

Once we have created all the different kinds of joints we possibly can, we will cut our tapestries off the loom and start the finishing process. We will cover finishing techniques, various ways to work with fringe and (our favorite trick of the trade) how to make any weaving beautiful!

You will walk away with your own tapestry runner to hang on your wall, put on your dining table, turn into a pillow or tuck away in your studio to use as a reference in your future tapestry endeavors. All materials are included, and you will have a huge variety of our hand-dyed yarns to choose from!