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Interweave, A Study in Angles

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3 days, all materials included
Instructor: Teresa Loveless

This three-day class is an introduction to or expansion of weaving angles. You will arrive at our studio in the morning and will be assigned your very own Rio Grande Walking Loom. Once everyone gets to know each other, you will learn how to tie up and prepare your loom for weaving. We will briefly discuss color and design before choosing our colors and preparing our yarn. We will begin by weaving a small amount of plain weave… Then come the angles!

We will zig! We will zag! We will create steep angles and shallow angles. We will create diamonds… and diamonds within diamonds! We may even create a circle (which is really just a series of modified angles)! We will cover every type of angle you could imagine and any angle related questions you could have.

Once we have zigzagged our way to the end we will cut our tapestry off the loom and start the finishing process. We will cover finishing techniques, various ways to work with fringe, and our favorite trick of the trade: how to make any weaving beautiful!

You will walk away with your own tapestry runner to hang on your wall, put on your dining table, turn into a pillow or tuck away in your studio to use as a reference when questions come up in your future tapestries. All materials are included, and you will have a huge variety of our hand-dyed yarns to choose from!