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Kim Hamill

Kimberly Hamill was born and raised on the coast of Maine. Attracted to big mountains, wide open spaces, and, of course, fiber arts, she made Taos, New Mexico her home in 1999. She began an apprenticeship with Rachel Brown in 2001 and has been connected to Weaving Southwest ever since. Kim feels that weaving is part of her archetypal makeup. She is intrigued by indigenous weaving traditions of the Americas and spends about half her weaving time working on a backstrap loom. She loves using traditional weave structures of the Andes to create her own, original designs. She traveled and lived in Central and South America for extended periods during her teens and twenties. She is a Mother of two and makes her home in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. Kim is a certified public school teacher, but is currently taking time off from teaching to be a Mom and to weave.