Rio Grande Loom: "Standard" Model

Designed by Rachel Brown.

The Rio Grande Standard Loom is made of alder, a semi-hard wood. It is based on the same engineering as the "Cadillac" but is more affordable. Instead of mortise and tenon joints it is bolted together. The warp and cloth beams are 2 1/2" square. We build up the warp beam with furring strips (1" x 2"s) and lattice as the warp is wound on. (These are not included.) We put 50 yard warps on these looms for our own rug weaving. 400 Texsolv heddles are included in the price as well as a roll of Texsolv cord with pegs with which to do all the tie-up.

This is an excellent, sturdy loom, which is a beautiful honey color. A great value! A video is provided to instruct you in assembling the loom. Instructions for use of loom and treadling methods are included.

Four-harness, four treadle, counterbalanced action.
Alder, with Danish oil finish.
Takes a 6" high reed (not included).
45" weaving width - actual width: 60", depth: 56"
400 Texsolv heddles (included).
The advance levers protrude 10" beyond the quoted depth, and the treadles protrude 24" beyond.

This loom must be crated for shipping, $100. We will charge actual cost to ship this loom. If you leave your zip code in the inquiry form, we can calculate shipping before we contact you.

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