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Structure, The Southwestern Way

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3 days, all materials included
Instructor: Teresa Loveless

Let me start with this: I am not a fabric weaver. Though I admire weavers who work in that realm, I have no personal interest in working with more than 4 harnesses, re-threading my loom often or messing around with a reed finer than 8 dents per inch. However, I do love playing around in the world of simple structure, relying on the beauty of the fibers I am working with and simple plays on structure to create rugs, pillows, apparel, blankets, etc. For this class, we will be warped up in a basic twill with a skeleton tie-up (if those terms just made your brain feel like mush, no worries - you will totally understand what I mean by the end of class). We will weave with yarns of various textures, weights and colors, using simple treadling techniques to create an array of samples. We will explore warp-faced, weft-faced, balanced, plain, tabby and basket weaves, as well as basic 1/3 and 2/2 twills. We will also discuss various finishing techniques associated with each type of weave. By the end of class, you will have a solid understanding of basic structure and the knowledge to create a huge variety of woven textiles... without ever having to re-thread your loom! This class will also give you a solid foundation to further explore the world of more advanced structures. This class is meant for people who haven't spent much time exploring structure or who have a solid understanding of one type of weave (weft-faced tapestry, for example) and want to explore further possibilities. The techniques learned in this class can be applied to 4-harness looms, tapestry and Navajo-style looms and backstrap looms, to name a few.