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The Little Striped Rug

Little Striped RugClick here for 2016 class updates.

3 days, all materials included, $390
Instructor: Brook Hemenway

There is really nothing sweeter than a simple striped rug. During this class, you will be introduced to the techniques used for weaving weft-faced rugs. This is a great introductory course for beginning weavers or weavers new to this type of weaving. However, this class will be fun for anyone who loves weaving!

Upon arrival at our studio, you be assigned your very own Rio Grande Walking Loom. After some discussion about design and color, you will learn how to tie-up your loom. You will then be able to sift through bins of our 80+ colors of Rug Yarn, selecting the perfect colors for your Little Striped Rug. Over the next three days you will weave stripe after stripe, incorporating some simple, fun techniques like Pick n' Pick and Wavy Line, creating a beautiful weaving of your own. Once you are ready to cut your weaving off the loom, you will learn various finishing techniques and a trade secret: how to make any weaving beautiful!