(Limited Edition) 2-ply Columbia Wool Apparel Yarn

100% Columbia wool

approx. 200 yds. per 4 oz sk.

Hand-dyed in New Mexico

(This is a special, limited edition batch of yarn. What you see here is all we have. Once it is sold out, it is gone.)

Joe dyed this up to play around with different "base yarns", or different colors of natural yarn... natural white and natural light grey, in this case.

As you can see in the images below, the skeins in each photo are a little different. The skein at the top of each photo is dyed over white yarn. The skein at the bottom of the photo is dyed (with the exact same dye recipe) over grey yarn.

When dyed over white, these colors are a bit brighter. When dyed over grey, the final color is slightly heathered.

Once you click on the yarn below, you will be taken to the product page for that color. There you can choose skeins of that color dyed over white or dyed over grey.

(Chocolate was the exception to this.)

This yarn would be great for blankets, scarfs, sweaters and so on.

Enjoy! And let us know if you have any questions at all!