Rug Yarn Bales

Yarn Bales are a limited edition specialty item, only available a couple times a year.

They will sell out, so please order what you want soon, as we can't guarantee when these will be available again (the soonest would be this fall).

Our Rug Yarn Bales consist of several 2 oz. skeins of our Rug Yarn (normally only available in 1 lb. skeins). Each Bale is different, please refer to each bale for a full description. 

The following Bales consist of all the given shades of our Rug Yarn: Shades of Red Bale, Shades of Yellow and Orange Bale, Shades of Green Bale, Shades of Blue Bale, Shades of Purple Bale and Shades of Neutrals Bale.

The "Collection: The Full Run of Rug Yarn" contains every color of our Rug Yarn (all the Bales above).

As requested, we have added many "Rainbow Bales" (Bales with multiple colors)! These are all the "new" Bales listed below.

Have fun and make sure you get what you want because these will sell out soon!

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