Backstrap Loom

This is a complete backstrap loom kit made by backstrap weaver, Kimberly Hamill. Backstrap weaving is probably as old as humanity itself- this style of weaving has been in use all over the world for longer than anyone can say for sure. Weaving on a backstrap loom is very portable and versatile! These simple tools lend themselves to infinite possibilities in weaving. This kit has everything you need to weave: canvas carrying bag, handwoven backstrap, hand-carved loom bars, heddle sticks, picking stick and batten, warping pegs, c-clamps, tapestry needle, nylon twine for heddles, cotton twine for lashing on, rubber bands and sand paper. 

Each backstrap is woven individually and is totally unique. You can choose the one you like best.

Resources for learning to weave on a backstrap loom:

 The Weaving Spinning and Dyeing Book by Rachel Brown (currently out of print, but available on Amazon).  (a very informative blog by Laverne Waddington)  (Information on private lessons available here, and more classes coming soon!)

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