Connie Enzmann-Forneris

CONNIE ENZMANN-FORNERIS Bio PicConnie's inspirations include the natural elements and the materials themselves. The patterns of landforms echo in the design of her rugs. The atmospheric elements also play a role in color and mood. The natural materials of linen and wool inspire her today as they did the journeymen weavers who produced coverlets woven in a natural linen warp and a colored wool weft. She aspires to combine their high level of craftsmanship with the heavier weight of yarns to weave a durable and flexible rug; both functional and beautiful. The innovations she adds are the spontaneous and free methods of dyeing the weft yarn. She moves the resist-tied skeins covered with tape, plastic, clamps, and found objects through a succession of dye baths with an eye toward a contemporary color scheme. Although on occasion she uses plant-based 'natural' dyes, the largest proportion of color comes from today's synthetic acid and fiber-reactive dyes. As a member and often a workshop leader she learns on a continual basis. Sharing her passion for the structure of weaving with other hand weavers is both stimulating and satisfying.