Rio Grande Backstrap Loom

Made in Taos, New Mexico.

This is a smaller type of "primitive stick" loom which is probably the most commonly used loom all over the world. It is a portable loom that can be carried with you (with weaving in progress) anywhere to set up under a tree or in a vacation home attached to the porch rail or to a bedpost in the bedroom. Wonderful projects can be woven on it from the very simplest for the beginning weaver, to the most complex Bolivian double weaves for the advanced weaver.

Our version of the backstrap loom is modeled after one used in Mexico & Guatemala with a leather backstrap. We provide the leather backstrap and all the carved dowels, ropes, batten and pick you will need, as well as a pegged warping tool so you can wind your warps. A large toothed plastic comb is excellent for packing in the weft, but if you prefer you can use our Navajo fork (not included in price.) This loom will weave any length and up to 20" wide.

For instructions we recommend Rachel Brown's The Weaving, Spinning, and Dyeing Book. The chapter on backstrap weaving describes the simplest as well as most complex projects.

We have a local woodworker make these just for us.

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