Bulk Discounts

To make your yarn purchase more economical, we offer bulk discounts:

10% off 10-19.75 lbs.

20% off of 20+ lbs.

These discounts apply to any combination of our Rio Grande Yarns. Our Warp Yarns count towards the total poundage, however the warp will not be discounted.

Once you have filled your cart with 10+ lbs. or 20+ lbs., enter the following, corresponding discount code during checkout to receive your discount:

10+ lbs. code = 10LBS

20+ lbs code = 20LBS

If you have any questions about discounts, please feel free to contact us via phone, 575-758-0433, or by email, weaving@weavingsouthwest.com, or via the chat box on this or any other page of our website.