2-ply Tapestry Yarn Sample Card

100% virgin New Zealand Romney wool

4 oz. (approx.)

162 yards (approx.)

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This quality 2-Ply Tapestry Yarn is custom spun to our specifications using 100% virgin New Zealand wool. We have designed this yarn to be similar to some of the Scandinavian 2-ply yarns. Its luster gives a nice sheen to the finished weaving.

We hand-dye our Tapestry Yarn outdoors over wood burning fires in 4lb. dyelots, using high-quality dyes to ensure color fastness. Each of our 23 colors is dyed in 5 different shades, A-E, A being the darkest and E being the lightest. This gives 115 colors to choose from. Slight tone variations in the hand-dyed skeins will appear in the weaving or knitting as depth of color, enhancing the hand-made look of the finished article.

We use this yarn with our 3-ply Worsted Wool Warp at 6 ends per inch (excellent for rugs also) and our 12/6 Cotton Warp or 2-ply Worsted Wool Warp at 8 epi.

Each skein weaves approx. 1 sq. foot.

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